the path of pain

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“the path of pain and suffering comes from a life led in isolation. the belief that i am separate from you. that you are separate from we. that your pain does not reside in my heart. that life, in isolation holds the hands of death. fervently. the path of pain, brings no light into the hearts of many. breeds greed and mutiny amongst my own. your own. a life of isolation houses the only emotion at the crux of man kinds fall: fear. it is this fear that i, you, we have come to see in the eyes and hearts of many. building great many through ego.”⁣

“the path of pain and suffering – has no life – no essence – no drum beat. no we, but i and me. a life of separation – a battlefield – many wounded – plenty more destroyed completely. lost in a sea of soles. lost in a sea with no soul. the path of pain and suffering, a life of isolation does but not exist.”⁣

“close your eyes child – and open your heart.”⁣

“you will find us there.”⁣

“the door awaits.”⁣

☾ᐧ post script ᐧ☽

pals, i came across this piece, written in my journal, circa august 26, 2013. i’m unsure of the source and am curious if i’ve gathered this wisdom from another writer-channel. if u know the author to be someone else, please let me know so i can give appropriate credit! 🙏🤓💙⁣

either-any-all-ways, enjoy this heart-full tune, a melody that ruptures with a precise arrow in those deep-deeps. 🌊💫

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