All of you is welcome here

where we gather, share, and hold ALL of our parts ~

the hard, the hopeful.

your home for hope in a hard place

the world, and life, can be a lonely, isolating, and dark place. welcome home, darling one.

red star help is your home for the light to enter the dark; your space if you’re coming undone, or going thru tragic, tear-staining circumstances and events; your anchor if your mental health wobbles, you experience death and loss, or are touched by suicide.

here we claim our power and step-up as active participants in our own healing and “do our werk”. red star help is connectivity, and love, and belonging when you feel there is no other place for you to go.

a watering hole in the desert of lost souls…

red star help is as much for the tired and weary as it is for the hopeful and cheeky.

it’s a home for us all with plenty to offer the parched traveller and one big-ass, long wooden table, with uncountable seats for soulful asses to sit and nourish their bones from the burbling cast iron curry concoction that’s a slow boil on the stove. it’s arms open wide, welcoming you in to the great bosom of All. it’s a place to mark on your map and return to again and again: where at once you may need to lean on others when you arrive, parched from the desert storm;

then too, another journey may bid you strengthened with powerful resolve and energy stores to share strong shoulders for your brothers and sisters to lean on. red star help is a sharing place. i share where i have been, what i have been thru, how i got thru it, and where i am now. you sit and share the same. for having stopped here, you will be rewarded with gems, riches, and nourishment that will carry you forward on your hero-heroine’s journey.

who are we?

what we practice
we feel our feelings

ALL of them. the up, the down, the yay, the boo. the shitstorm, the majestic rainbows after said shitstorm. we allow ourselves to fall apart and trust there will be rising from the ashes. i mean, that puddle of tears. we hold on.

we find our footing

life’s clusterfuck’s are hectic. we recalibrate by grounding back into ourselves: our resilience, strength, courage, determination. we alchemize the wisdom from the ashes, darling phoenix, and we hold onto our heart. we hold on.

we move forward

there is purpose in your wilt and wither. there are messages of learning in those deep-deeps. there is a Great Becoming in your coming the fuck undone. gather those gems, and rise. Life is counting on you. rise, darling. Rise.

our tools

navigating a shitstorm


know thyself: to know when we’re down; to ask for, and accept, help when we need it; to be seen in our vulnerability; to allow all forms of Love in.


clusterfuck’s and shitstorm’s are fucking brutal. #truth laughter, hilarity, and the ridickulousness in Life is the best medicine. (morbid humor counts… #beenthere)


together we create: a deeper awareness of what our brothers and sisters are going thru; a reverent community; a renewed sense of our humanity.

meet kiki

✧ creatrix ✦ heroine ✧

once upon a february day, life got fucked, and i’ll never be the same for it.

on this day, my life bends, folds, twists, and swallows itself whole. i launch into an abyss, and my epic odyssey, the moment i walk into my dads suicide. it starts many moments before this, of course, though it is here that my soul’s passport is stamped and down i go.

i am drown, repeatedly, as the moments-minutes-days-weeks-years drag on after this one: trauma follows me around like an obedient puppy, wrapping me in robes of ptsd; my own suicidal thoughts come-and-go many times over; i experience years long fall-out with primary family members.

i need help. i seek therapy. i keep going. i hold on.

i meet bitches, beasts, demons, and dragons in my underworld.

i am pummelled by Life’s tidal waves – dysfunctional relationships revealed, a house flood, estate closure, car breakdowns, romantic love reckonings – and in order to live another day, i learn i must hold on.

i hold on long enough that i make it thru. beyond the mental chaos and dysregulated nervous system that was my experience of trauma and ptsd. beyond the fluctuating emotional landscape that fed off my tears. beyond the parts of me who had been lost, forgotten, betrayed, ignored. beyond the abandoning, abusing, and rejecting of my Self.

i make it thru. more whole. more able. more grounded. more calm. more creative. more me. with all of my courage and bravery, all of my heart and joy, and with hope for my future.

i make it thru. i land here having taken my own healing journey, and i thank the goddess for those clusterfuck’s. 👆🏿

red star words

✧ safe words ✦ for life ✧


create a connection

connect with someone you feel comfortable creating a life-saving code word with. this could be a deer friend, a trusted mentor, colleague, a family member, or any other trustworthy human bean in yer life.*


decide on a code word

together decide on a code word you will both use if-when y’all need life-saving support: if yer stressed the fuck out; if you need help and can’t get the words out; or, if yer having suicidal thoughts.


practice it, save it, use it

practice saying yer word out loud, a number of times! practicing it helps get used to saying it. save the code word in yer pals contact information on yer phone (eg. add it to their last name). if circumstances arise and u are in need, USE YER CODE WORD.

read more about red star words here

*if you don’t have anyone in this “trust them with my life” capacity, save THIS LINK instead and use it as necessary.

red star words in the world

kiddo decided on “pinatas”… so now if we get a pinatas text we know to check in frequently, offer support and love, and humor until we can physically be together so he knows he’s not alone. i think it’s been helpful for all of us, so thank you for sharing your heart and experience with red star words. we may never have put words to a “system” without your idea ❤️.” ~ krista
“love letters, for me? you don’t say…”
“i do say!”

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