Red Star Rising: The Return

a short film
kiki and brother sea productions

follow the hero

as they answer the call and fall…

into the dark
into the deep
into the forest
and the ocean
follow the hero as they…

journey thru the underworld and are met with their reckonings: over, and over, and over, and over again. soul crushing, ego obliterating, psyche incinerating, personality destroying, insane-Life-tom-fuckery RECKONINGS.

it’s what happens when…

yer met with the clusterfucking shitstorms of Life and are dragged into yer proverbial dumpster fires. (dumpster fires: you know, our colloquial “phoenix burning and rising from the ashes”, tho without all the pretty ~ and misleading ~ pretense.)

it’s those circumstances in Life that…

can swallow u whole…
will eviscerate every ounce of yer Being-ness…
catapult u into an underworld of innumerable drownings.

Red Star Rising: The Return is for you if u’ve ever found yer Self in any one, some, or all of these places.

👆🏿 click “watch on youtube” to watch the film ~ a note: u must sign in to youtube to view it as it’s been rated 18+ 👆🏿
“love letters, for me? you don’t say…”
“i do say!”

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