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where ALL of you is welcome:

those hard parts ~ suicide, death, grief, ptsd, trauma, loss;

those hopeful parts ~ healing, growth, joy, connection, love.

red star help is here with you.

have you been thru a clusterfuck?

from clusterfucking chaos to calm, cool, and courageous

clusterfuck (noun) “a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation; a muddled mess.”

sometimes in life, we have the distinct pleasure of going through absolute clusterfucks. clusterfucks: suicide, death, grieving, mourning, ptsd, trauma, depression, loss. clusterfucks.

on the other side of these (very likely) soul-crushing experiences, lives healing. healing: hope, joy, love, laughter, renewed belief in one’s ability to navigate said clusterfucks, strength, acceptance, peace.

wherever you find yourself on your journey – needing a shoulder to lean on, offering a shoulder for said leaning – You are welcome here.

WHen life gets fucked?
fucked (adjective) “in a hopeless situation or position; thoroughly confused, disordered, or damaged.”

mental health

are you lost in the “deep darks”, depression got you in its muted grasp? does trauma have you forever looping in ptsd? and what-in-the-hell is post-traumatic growth?

death and loss

death of a human. death of a relationship. loss of an identity, a career, a beloved furry companion. the immediate grieving that is the reckoning of loss and “life after…”.


our social pink elephant: the “s word”. have you, or someone you know, thought about, or attempted, suicide? do you know someone who has completed suicide?

hi, i’m kiki

“she was walking proof that you can have your soul torn in half, and still navigate through life beautifully.” alfa

those clusterfucks up there, i’ve been thru the lot of them. maybe you can relate? it was shitstorm, after shitstorm, after shitstorm.

shitstorm (noun) “a wildly chaotic and unmanageable situation, controversy, or sequence of events.”

spoiler alert, i survive said shitstorms and am living to tell the tale. my epic odyssey begins with walking into my dad’s suicide and i am soulfully pummelled for years after. wanna know how i grow from controlled chaos to calm and courageous? right this way, intrepid traveller…

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come along fer the ride as we meander thru the at times clusterfucking chaos that is the hero’s journey. u’ll hear on: trauma, pain, joy, hope, living, terror, healing, death, fear, grief, love, becoming, survival, loss, suicide, Life.

“love letters, for me? you don’t say…”
“i do say!”

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