grief givings: living after loss w. janet allen

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pals, welcome back to the conversation sessions on red star help radio. in today’s episode we welcome janet allen onto the show. together we dive deep into the grief givings of her own life after suicide journey.

the conversation we share iz heart-full. janet comes in strong with all of the heart-truths she gleans after the loss of her nephew, lucas. she shares how this transformative and profound experience helps her alchemize her own grieving pain into a beautiful tapestry of understanding.

“no matter where you’re at in your journey, it’s a good spot.” 
~ janet allen

again, and again, and again, janet encourages us along our own healing paths as she affirms that every being, every person, has their Own Way thru. listen to the end fer a surprise as janet shares the creations that pour out of her own grieving experience.

darling Ones, let us gather together and witness the magic who Iz janet: may we be imbued with the grace of the gifts she delivers fer us all, and may this conversation be a lighthouse for if ever u find yer Self in need.

i luv u in yer everythingz,

xxo ~k 💗💫

☾ᐧ of janet e allen ᐧ☽

janet supports those who suffer with addiction disorder. leading group meetings and working with individuals one on one, helping both adults and adolescents. janet also assists those who have suffered a significant loss through death. she facilitates grief support group meetings. she works specifically with those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

janet is an artist and author, writing many poems on the topic of grief. writing these poems in the years since her nephew’s suicide has helped her process the deep mourning. janet encourages others to find their own healthy outlet to process their heartache.

janet can be found on instagram @janet.e.allen. you can email her at

“i speak of that kiki because i know that… i did that. i swallowed, literally, swallowed my grief for a year after lucas’ death, and that wuz a detriment to my Self. i put everyone above me, and just ran frum the depth of emotion and the depth of pain that the loss of that sweet boy caused me.”

janet e allen


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