imagining relief: magic Iz me w. colin craveiro

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welcome to the red star help radio

conversation sessions

“tell me about despair, yours, and i will tell you mine.”
~ mary oliver

despair (noun) “utter loss of hope, a cause of hopelessness,” (verb) “to lose all hope or confidence.”

pals, welcome back to the conversation sessions on red star help radio. in today’s episode we welcome colin craveiro onto the show and in the way that magic spinz its Self thru us, we dive straight into the meat of it.

strap in fer a heart-full doozy! colin welcomes us onto the reverent grounds that are his hero’s journeys and so beauty-fully shares with us his own experiences with despair, how he navigates traumatic childhood experiences, and how these moments in his Life have shaped the man he iz today.

we chat about the discernment that iz required of One az they navigate their own hero-heroine’s journey. colin also reminds us that even when it feels like The End, where we may be having our own suicidal thoughts, there iz a way thru-past-beyond this moment az change iz always happening.

gather with colin and i around this fire, come in close… closer… closer still… lean in, dialate yer heart-ear lobes, and let us be warmed by the fantastic magic who Iz colin craveiro.

pals, allwayz and in all wayz,
may u know-sense-Be-feel
the magic Who Iz U.

i luv u deerly,

xxo ~k 🧡💜❤️

☾ᐧ of colin craveiro ᐧ☽

i was born enlightened like each and everyone ever born, in may of ‘84. shot through a young portal into a dark place only to escape to an enchanted farm in metchosin where i lived amongst the trees, animals and ocean. before i knew it i found myself back in darkness only to find escape in music and disassociation into other realms where i honed my craft of the imagination. the ‘neville goddard’ God head. a place where new worlds opened and mighty characters interacted, giving countless stories and songs to leave behind me along the way.

i’ve collided with asteroids and demigods, angels and lovers. run through continents and broke down many times along the way. but i’m here to keep shifting with love and light while taming my dragon of anger and despair. remembering we never stop. how we feel always shifts. we are the night and the day. we are a flower and a leaf. drop from your branches and be Reborn!

colin and hiz band, sail cassady, can be found on instagram @sailcassady.

photography by hailey krakana

“tap inward… inward… inward.. itz inward.. the answer’s within U. u r already magic.
…search for your Self in your Self. that’s where the magic lives.”

colin craveiro


heroine’s journeys


tears shed


choices to rise again

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