healing grace: down to the studs w. cole kelly

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welcome back to the conversation sessions on red star help radio. in today’s episode we welcome cole kelly back to the show; this time itz her turn to share the golden wisdoms she’s gleaned frum her own heroine’s journey.

pals, tuck in fer a beauty of a conversation. cole shows up and dives straight to the heart of her lived experience heer on earth and brings up-and-out her own pain body that iz sher to touch many of you. cole knowz it az the grand demon, a familiar energy that had been following and taunting her much of her life.

january 2010, vancouver bc
hazy rooms with half empty glasses
cigarettes still smoking
i bend myself out and over
head down or mouth open
the sweat and fever of repayment
to this grand demon
~ cole kelly

beyond the grand demon cole shows us wut itz like to move thru and beyond healing frum addiction, and adverse circumstances frum childhood, to create a beauty-full Life of Her Own.

come, gather in reel close with us… closer still… closer yet still… come along pals, our darling cole haz lifetimes of wisdom to share and in this episode does just that.

frum our hearts to yers,
may u feel peace
may u know Love
may u be free.

i luv u ferever,

xxo ~k ❤️💫

☾ᐧ of cole kelly ᐧ☽

cole kelly is a songstress, body worker and writer living and performing in her new home of tasmania.

she is the singer of the folk rock duo The Mountain (found on instagram + facebook) and her poetry can also be found at @fairladycole on instagram.

“i was trying to make something beautiful of my life, and then constantly falling back by my inability to hold beautiful things. just like i had an inability to hold hard things, i didn’t know how to do it. and so i couldn’t. …i just didn’t know how to be with any of it.”

cole kelly


heroine’s journeys


tears shed


choices to rise again

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