finding me: beyond the pain w. kiki

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welcome to the red star help radio

conversation sessions

welcome to the conversation sessions, a new series on red star help radio heer to offer u hope in a hard place. in this debut episode we’ll hear frum our first guest kiki (hi, itz me!), and are fucking peached to welcome cole kelly on to the show az our guest interviewer.

with expert holding-listening-question-framing, cole guides us down into the rabbit hole that iz-wuz-haz-been my own heroine’s journey: the story of my life; the story of my life after suicide; the story of me.

pals, let’s gather together in this healing circle of conversation and connection. get comfortable, get moving, get however u like to get when u tune into podcasts in this moment, and hold onto yer hearts… we’re about to dive into sum big-deep-wide heart and soul territory.

pals, please know allwayz, and in all wayz,
u r werthy of Life.

yes. U.

i luv u deerly,

xxo ~k 💛💜❤️

֯⭒ credit to ⭒֯

cole kelly fer yer heart wisdoms and mega talents. my eternal thanx to this beauty fer the wayz she shows up and shares her journalistic-podcasting-creative Spirit with us all. curious about this mystical maven? find her enchanting songstress seductions on instagram or facebook. remember wut i said about her mega talents? she haz many. 💃🏻😍🫶🏾

☾ᐧ of kiki ᐧ☽

kiki iz a guide, channeler, and author. she creates transformational online programs, meditations, and resources tailored to guide people back home to their hearts. as a channeler, she also shares the profound and uplifting messages frum the council of elders.

a harbinger fer healing, kiki elevates otherz by sharing stories of triumph at red star help, and on her podcast red star help radio. “your home for hope in a hard place,” red star help iz a beacon fer those seeking a way thru their own hero-heroine’s journey.

at kiki loves, and red star help, kiki helps people around the werld feel alive and fully present in their Life, guided by that internal well-spring of wizdom who Iz U.

find these werx and moor at: and

“so healing? itz not flowers and fuckin rainbows and magic sparkle fart butts. …it’s dumpster fire, after dumpster fire, after dumpster fire, and then u take all yer dumpster fires and u think thatz a cute little time and u put em all together and u fuckin drop down to the center of the earth ~ that iz a magma inferno ~ and u sit there and u watch yer Self die a thousand deaths, while u live thru it.”



heroine’s journey


tears shed


choices to rise again

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