no feeling is final

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“let everything happen to you. beauty and terror. just keep going. no feeling is final.” rainer maria rilke

read that again.

no feeling is final.

let that sink in.

the next time you’re feeling something allow yourself to be marinated in it. allow your cells to be permeated fully, wholly, by the feelings that are present for you. let them run amok in your body.

move the energy and let it out!! scream. (in the car, in a pillow, in the forest.) cry. punch pillows. whip towels against a wall. break dead branches. smash some shit. burn some shit. rage. pour your fury OUT.

allow that mess to happen. wring your soul cloth free of your feelings.

and then…

feel the peace, the calm, the ‘ok-ness’ in your Being for having purged yourself of your feelings.

may you know yourself so wholly and allow yourself your fullest expression in this way.

to your feelings, and your purging’s,

xxo ~k 🖤🔥🪵🪨

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