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❤️ tender is good, my tender heart is good
❤️ i’m now very aware of my low self-esteem and how little i think of myself
❤️ i’ve been caring for my little inner me and really showing up for her through it all
❤️ i’m now seeing where to plug into instead (myself/the Great Mother)
❤️ i’m learning that the things i want in my life i get to go create (eg. friendships, opportunity for connection, play dates, community gatherings etc)
❤️ i am feeling my tender, tender, tender heart, so tender… i cry near daily
❤️ i see my inner me who is afraid to let go ~ bc what if… she’s abandoned or rejected again… my inner me has had a hard time trusting and it’s hard for her to trust that it’s ok to let go ~ to put it down.

and what am i cultivating? i’m cultivating a relationship with my Self. showing up for my Self. growing up my Self. getting to know my Self, what i need, and want, and when, and then tending to my sweet inner Self through the salves of my external world.

and right now i’m practicing new things, like inviting my new friend out on a hike. and creating new moon circles with the women here. i’m also practicing prioritizing play first in my days. just tinkering about in my me stuff before all the other stuff. i’m also practicing releasing my self worth from how others show up in my life, and with me in general.

i say practice because i don’t always get it right. ❤️

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