i see you

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in the swirl and whirl of our everyday we can get lost amongst its froths and folds. sucked deep into the microcosm of our survival it can be hard to lift up and “see the forest for the trees”; our attention too stuck on the details to look up and see the wider “whole” of our lives.

may this be a reminder then, that no matter where you find your attention, or where you might be in your life, your Life, your day-to-day, counts for something.

and… it’s ok.

it’s ok you’re sad, alone, depressed, thinking suicidal thoughts. it’s ok you’re stuck in your trauma loop. it’s ok that you’re feeling overwhelming feelings every. damn. day. and they only continue.

it’s ok that you’re in pain. it’s ok that you feel suffering.

why? because out of all of these places, no matter how irreversible their healing feels, there is a way out.

did you hear me? there is a way out.

there isn’t however, a way out of being dead.

life: it can be a brilliant ride. a rollercoaster with ups, with downs, with roundy-rounds.

it can be rich with thick fog, obscuring the world around you until you no longer know which way to turn.

it can be lonely. isolating. depressing. terrible. tragic. traumatic. the deepest dark pit you’ve ever known.

yet, when the fog lifts, the light remains. the light shines through.

wherever you are on your journey right now, through whatever trials, or roundy-rounds, whatever deep-dark-pits, or all-consuming, fogged-in forests you may find yerself in, hold on.

darling one, just. hold. on.

these feelings will ebb, the fog lifts, you will be delivered a broader perspective, and thru it all: the light always shines through, eventually.

darling one, your road has many more miles to travel: so hold on to yer heart, and travel on.

and if the shitstorms prove to be too much, reach out to a human you trust to help with that load yer carrying. or, follow this link to find professional support near you.

i see you.

i see you in yer dark.
i see you in yer light.

and i love you.

i love you deerly,

xxo ~k 🐢💚

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