the darkness by robert holden

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“the self that enters into the darkness is not the self that comes out of the darkness.”

“in the darkness, it’s essential that we let ourselves be lost.”

“darkness is a womb. darkness is very feminine. when we are in the darkness, something is happening to us and we are being born again. darkness is unprocessed light; it’s light, but you cannot see it yet. darkness is wisdom that makes no sense. yet. darkness is a blessing you do not know you have received. yet. it IS a birthing process, and you know not as yet that it’s you that’s being born and you have no idea as yet how you’re going to emerge from this womb.”

“darkness is a very mysterious, mystical, beautiful, feminine experience. i can’t explain it to you properly, but that doesn’t matter. i don’t think we necessarily need to be able to explain it entirely, what we do need to do is to be able to respect the darkness, and to understand that from the darkness we do emerge as a more truthful idea of who we really are. and that idea of who we really are will support us and serve us in the next act. which will come.”

“…actually, in the darkness we are being born again, and again, and again, and again.”

“we have to get more honest about our darkness if we’re going to open up to the light. …we have to get honest about our darkness, and just acknowledge that this is part of the experience of being human is that we’re immersed in it. and we’re dishonest about it, we pretend it’s not happening. but we have to be honest about it. …there seems to be a mathematical relationship somehow between honesty about the darkness increases our openness to the light.”

“if you’re honest about your darkness, don’t defend your darkness, don’t excuse it, just admit it. let’s just all admit it. it’s there. we’re all dealing with it. each in our own way. and it’s somehow taking the shame off it, the judgement off it… take it off, it doesn’t matter. let’s just be really honest about the darkness and admit it, and that is going to help us open up to the light.”

~ inspiration from ~ growing in the darkness with robert holden

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