you are worthy of Life

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blessings for my past me who has alighted me here to january first 2022. alive. well. living and grateful for the peace in my heart and the capacity of my being-ness. i feel grateful for the Living that i have been through that allows me to know myself more, and more, and more clearly.

i feel for a turning, a coming out of one mode of living and reach-stretch-growing into another, higher vibing, mode of living. yes, the shock of the new.

i feel for the me’s who have been through much and have challenged themselves, each me, to grow thru the barriers that were once present ~ courageously facing, loving, accepting, and healing beyond them. these looked like: pain, ptsd, grief, tragedy, trauma, limiting beliefs, heartbreak, utter devastation, “failed” relationships, “failed” life choices, and beyond.

i am grateful to the me who has allowed herself the time and space to do what she knew she needed to do.

i am grateful to the me’s who continued to pull me through each moment, waking hour, day, thru my underworld, and into my healed state of being-ness right now.

there has been much-plenty, and there will be more of Life that i continue to experience, now on this new level, a spiral up-out-and-beyond everything i’ve ever allowed for myself. a new. a different. a blessing.

so many blessings; all held in the bosom of the divine, all held in-and-with Love. deep abiding Love.

the kind of Love that washes your face clean after you’ve cried oceans of tears across desert dry, joyless cheeks.

the kind of Love that swells up beneath your breast and alights in you there, the magnetic capacity of your own Spirit after it has been squandered, squashed, and betrayed in your living.

the kind of Love that returns again, and again, and again, and reminds you: i am here. i see you. i see you. i am here.

the kind of Love that affirms, ad nauseam, you are worthy of Life.

xxo ~k

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