֯⭒ red star rising: oracle 90 ⭒֯

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let us not get too mental about our health. let us not figure-and-find-out too many stories about Who We Are. let us, instead, allow the Who of U, the Who of Me, continue to meet us in each moment that passes frum this one on. let us meet each other’s in the curious space of What Is To Come. let us. let us open to the surprise, the delight, the open-hearted, open-palmed play-full-ness, thys silly mess of us, and Be. let us Be and Breathe and be-come, again and again and again, in the mystery of This. yes, This. let us. let us begin again and again, begin, in the mess of Us, this play-full-ness, this silly-ness, this Who of We who are Be-ing a Me. let us. darling one, let us.