remember the Love

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on feelings ~ mine ~ last night in my rav4, siarah, on the drive home ~ i feel confused, i don’t yet know why i feel this way…

today is a low day: i take it easy in bed; i have a long sleep-nap-low-day on the couch; then i have a big cry tonight. why? what? why this is here, i do not yet know.

i hear a whisper, any next-time… these feelings… emotions… expressions ~ that’s love.

that’s love. that’s Love.

in all her forms and watery manifestations, this is Love.

through all the up and down, and all of the words-conversations-questions-to-clarifications

all of the vulnerabilities and courageous acts of bearing it all
all of the awkward and silly and uncertain and foolish
all of the feelings and confusion’s and quandry’s
all of the together’s, apart’s, together’s, apart’s, together’s again
all of the late nights, tears shed, tongues tied across consoles
all of the internal doubts, pressures, fears
all of the faith and feeling

that’s love. the greatest expression of Life:

the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional space that is our Spirit’s center creating connection with the heart beats and Life-pulse around

all of it.

that’s Love.

the wildest most magnificent awesome ride there is.


the most worthy ideal to aspire to in life

to love ~ wildly, freely, with reckless abandon.
to love ~ with humility, and passion, and reams of compassion.
to love ~ with fool-hearty forgiveness in tow.
to love ~ our greatest gift.

to ourselves. to each other. to the world at large.

to Love.

to keep loving. to remind each other it’s ok to fall and come back to it.

try. try again. keep trying

that’s Love.

keep loving. keep loving. keep loving.

this ~ this all that i’m feeling ~ that’s Love.

that’s love. that’s love. that’s love. ❤️

ok – so what do i do with it?

there’s nothing “to do” with it.

feel it. express it. know it. allow it. play in and with it.
share it. be moved by, with, thru it.
allow it. allow it.
receive it. graciously.

share it. express it.

hold nothing back. put it all on the table ~ all of it. then notice the effect in your life.

our greatest endeavour: to Love.

remember the Love.

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