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👇🏿 ain’t got no time for that? press play for the radical radio recording ✨


open your heart and express.

express the feelings you have inside.
let them bubble up until they burst out of you.
feel the magic gold-dust trail they leave within you.
watch as the mystery unfolds before you.
your pure love energy has radiant affect on all of those that surround you.

keep going.
keep bringing up the feelings from inside.
let them be embodied in your physical space.
let them morph and transform back into a buzzing light energy that dissipates once more.

open to the opportunity to share your feelings with another bean (being).
turn to those around you and share: with all of your heart,
in truth, honesty and integrity, open with your whole Self.

arms wide open.
ready to receive the world.
as such, you will be received by the world.

open, darling one.


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