it’s going to be ok.

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👇🏿 ain’t got no time for that? press play for the radical radio recording ✨

it’s going to be ok. eventually, you will be ok.

yes, it will be hard. disastrous. a monstrous feat even. though you will get through it and you will be ok.

i say this, part sea-wench, standing from this soap box i’ve built of the sea-wrecked boards i clutch to as i am drown repeatedly in life experience. i clutch to the board, gasping for air, as the next thirty meter wedge of salt water pummels down on my head.

it’s going to be ok. you will catch a breath. there might be more to come, and after that you’ll still be ok. it will be hard. you will use your courage, determination, and human will to get through it.

darling one, hold on.

hold on to that board. when a bigger board comes along hold on to that one too. when a wave cracks you in the head and you lose all boards, with no sight of land, nothing more to grasp and clutch to, hold on to your heart.

just. hold. on.

help is here.
it’s going to be ok.
i promise you.

i love you,

xxo ~k 💖

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