i have had enough

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👇🏿 ain’t got no time for that? press play for the radical radio recording ✨

i. 👏 have. 👏 had. 👏 enough. 👏

the pain on my journey has been thick. heavy. tsunami-esque in size, weight, and destruction. the pain i’ve had in my life has been much. it has been so much. 🥵

how much more of this do i get to endure?
will this ever stop?
why so much?
why me?
i don’t want this anymore.
enough of the pain.
it’s too much.
i’m done.

i’ve been working… working… working.
i’m showing up.
i’m “doing the work”.
how do i know it’s working?
how come still more pain?
when will this shit-storm end?
how do i know the “work” i’m doing is… working?

for anyone who finds themselves here, or can relate at any point in their own story, i see you. i feel you. fuck, do i feel you. i don’t have your answers (only you’ve got those), though i can say this: keep going.

just keep fucking going.

a metaphor to take away: in labor and delivery the mother experiences pain through her transformational birthing journey. that pain is absolutely unique for each mother. and then blammo baby is born, the pain shifts and lightens, and eventually the mother’s body heals and there is no more birthing pain.

what this means: pain won’t last forever. it shifts and morphs, lightens and tapers off. (thank the dickens for that!)

hold that nugget close to your heart for when you need it next.

i love you and your pain bodies,

xxo ~k 🤎

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