hi, i’m kiki.


👇🏿 ain’t got no time for that? press play for the radical radio recording ✨

hi, i’m kiki. i’ve been through hell, a few times now, and surprising-not-surprising i’m still here.

“you’re so strong.”
“wow, look at how you’ve changed.”
“girl, that’s courageous.”

fuuuucck that. did you miss that part above where i said i’ve been through hell?! in multiples?!

that shit hurts. god it burns.
there’s so many layers to melt off.
and the smell of singed hair and burny skin is getting old.

nope. pain is pain is pain. i’m in this feeling human body and i’ve had my fill, thank you very much.

though, in my experience there are those lyrics that ring true: “if you’re goin through hell, keep on goin…”

i might add another line… something like: “if you’re smellin singed hair and melted skin, you’re not done burning…”

“oh yaaa, phoenix rise from those ashes!!”

we do realize that our colloquial, pretty petalled metaphor of the phoenix rising from the ashes still means that the phoenix has to burn. alive. feathers and all, right?! it’s like thanksgiving turkey gone wrong-but-right in this weird “the universe has your back” (and it hurts like hell) kind of fun way.

hi, i’m kiki. i’m a tender bunny who is melting her layers off. i feel all. the. things. the other things i have disassociated from, i’m learning to call back into my body. where i numb out from feeling my feelings, i’m learning to catch myself earlier and lean into the uncomfortable, squishy, tear soaked places that are my feelings. the times-ways-spaces-places that i have abandoned myself, silly bunny, i am trying instead to have my back.

hi, i’m kiki. i am here to talk about the hard stuff. suicide, depression, grief, mourning, depression, despair, devastation, ptsd, heartbreak. pain.

“what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”

ha. yea, sure. cool story bro. it really does try it’s best though, you know, to kill you.

hi, i’m kiki.

i’ve got a tender bunny heart, i’ve been through a lot of pain, and i’m here to talk about it.

will you join me?

i love you in your squishy parts, (but not those squishy parts, ’cause this is a (mostly) pg kinda place. 😉)

xxo ~k 🐛

~ credit to ~ jen sincero for showing me my ‘little bunny’ self

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