grief is gonna fuck you up

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grief is gonna fuck you up.

i’m sorry, i don’t have prettier words, or a salve, for your unique grief.

best i can do from my own experience: grief can be absolute chaos and destruction.

it’s painful as hell. those “contractions” are gonna stack, and mount, and shake through your whole body.

grief is gonna fuck you up.

i get it. i’ve lost whole days in my grief: waking and living an entire friday until i realize it’s actually saturday. i’ve cried in front of strangers and friends, in public, in my car, in the shower, in the bath, or curled in a tight ball in bed. the swells of my grief come in their own time, and can buckle me to a heaping, sobbing mess right here on the floor.

my friend shares with me recently, she said “grief is the possible and the impossible. it feels impossible while you live through it, yet it still happens, it’s still possible.”

i’d love to know in the comments, when grief arrives at your door, does it feel like the impossible made possible? how does the world, and your life, shift as you grieve?

did it fuck you up?

i love you,

xxo ~k ❤️

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