a poem: seismology

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what is love?
what is this thread of connection
buried so deep inside.

how does it shape us
and our actions
as individuals.

does the greater cloth
our Being-ness?

can we begin to see –
apart from the cloth
our role as thread –

what happens as threads
cross over – cross through –
underneath – above


how is it
touched touching
less ness

where are we.
where are you.
where am i.


into forms
norms and

inside. inside we find.
we found.
i found.

inside i found
a well, a well so deep
and wide and open

to Love that it was
unrecognizable to
anything witnessed on earth

yet so familiar
so, familiar.
so wonderful and enchanting.

warm and alive.
this place held
so much space.

what is Love?
what does it look like?

in december’s stare
i became aware of
another way.

of another thing.
of the thing that i
did not know before.

who’s to say
i know
it now?

but it is a part of my
awareness (aware-mess)
openness in Love.

openness in relations.
there is a wake –
a rumble that is inside me.

there is, seismic
waves and rumbles
going on

what is deep inside.
this year.
it will be seismic.

it will be.

what does it look like?

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